Day 3:

To kick the week off right mike and sara showed us all the real way to eat on the beach. With 2 bushels of crabs and 6 lbs of mussels we all got good practice.


Day 2:

The 7 mile trek on the beach to our house



Life as a standby...We've become accustomed to being stranded all over the country but thanks to CM,Starbuck and hours of people watching we survive. North Carolina will we ever see you? Hopefully soon.


The summer swells in us and then vanishes.

 Were down to the last hours. Can I believe summer is already over? No. But can any of us? They say time flies when your having a good time. Well they in fact are right. To say the least, these past 6 months have been the cherry on top of my year.
To sum it all up in one post would be impossible. As I was  sorting through photographs of this summer I decided that these are some of  the best times we had.

Thanks everyone for such a great summer. 
Winter here we come..


My first creation is done! I got the chance to show it off this weekend..take a look.


Vogue Gallery

I was browsing the Vogue Gallery of the Fall 2010 RTW today and was overwhelmed by everything. The textures,colors, patters and lines that have been displayed on the runway are astounding. I couldn't help but be inspired. What really appeased my taste was the Diane von Furstenber Collection. Here are just a few of my favorites


In the final phases...

I spent the day with Shanaleigh stitching up the last few things in order to have my first pencil skirt! Click here to see what I've got so far.



I had the privlege to be a spectator at the recent soccer match in Traverse City. Click here to see the few photos that made the cut.

Its Perfect!

After spending almost 2 hours with Shanaleigh (shanalmason.blogspot.com) picking through the only fabric store northern michigan has to offer we came across this chic fabric! Now its time to get to work!


First endeavor: The Perfect high waisted pencil skirt. Lets face it, finding the right fit, length, and design all in one skirt is a rare thing to come across. Today I am off to the fabric store to find a piece of material I can work with. 



I'm embarking on a new adventure. After years of frustration with finding the right fit, I'm taking the fashion world into my own hands.
What better time to start a blog I thought. So here I go...

In the coming winter months I am going to fight away the dark, cold days being hunched over a sewing machine finding my way through the stitching world. .