So far so good down here in jax! We were browsing around target and bumped into these beauties today. What great frames!

We spent literally the whole day at the beach and paid the price of a gnarly burn. Our whole objective tonight has been to stay cool and nurse these burns so we can get back out on the sand..


Dr. Dog Heart It Races

just a song for the day. hope you all are having a great day!


its time for a change..

i am about to get my hair done... im tossing around ideas and this is the color im leaning towards. its time to shed the dark and bring on some lighter colors for spring!
also, i love her purple lips..now im on the hunt for something similar

today i spent the whole day out in about enjoying one of my last days spent enjoying the unique winter days we experiance in utah. if we have to have the cold, and dumps of snow, its nice that at least the sun peaks out from time to time to bring a smile to our faces. something about warm sun shining on you in the car... you cant beat that feeling!


the only time it is good to become a follower

mike recently started a blog for their new business. dont only take a look,but become a follower and suggest it your your friends too! 


shower photographs

a mess before while setting up

table ready to go for some yummy desserts

cake brought to you by bill warner. what a great job!

pretty girls enjoying eachothers company

we made a delcious pomagranate,apricot,ginger,mint drink! 

desserts half eaten

delightful macaroons

shana,me,ashley & jenna

kitchen workers

everyone "ooh-ing and awe-ing" 
at the cute little gifts

grandma dois' best work
she will be able to brave the michigan 
winters with her north face gear

i love candy's expression in this picture!

auntie sara's gift


a meeting book for emma! 
*tear jerker gift award*

the ladies who made this all happen

photos taken by:shanalmason.blogspot.com

a weekend for emma

what an awesome trip! i cant believe its over and done with. one exciting thing i did was walk on lake michigan frozen,which i had never done before. lets just say i wasnt as brave as blaize, who couldnt seem to care less. maybe you have to be born and raised there to have such a fearless attitude..? thursday i spent the day with shanaleigh scouring thrift stores and antique shops for serving ware,antique toys and unique things we could use at the shower. we had such a succesful hunt. we found things like old wood blocks,sterling silver trays,an adorable cake tray with a lid and so many more random treasures! friday, ashley got a group of girls together to go see little travers production sabrina. it was surprisingly really great, although i was confused at some parts wondering if they added or took away from the original story..so now i have to watch it to refresh my mind.
but of course the real reason i was there was for candy and emma's shower! it went just how i imagined it and now all of the hard work shanaleigh and i put into it pays off. i will have the photos posted as soon as i receive them.
im so happy candace and blaize were shown so much support and love by their friends and family. it truly was a lovely occasion! not to mention the gifts! little em is going to be stocked with adorable dresses,cozy onesies and fun toys for awhile. the days are getting fewer and fewer until we get to welcome her into the world. i cant wait! 

(this is for you shana. haha, what a great photographer you are! 
my mouth is still recovering from such a sugary sucker.)


Let the traveling begin

Tomorrow I'm headed to the first leg of my 3 week chaos. Harbor springs here I come!


trying to get all crafty

next week this time i will be joining my family in michigan to celebrate with a shower for baby emma and candace.

shanaleigh and i are shooting for a vintage-theme for the shower and have gotten a lot of great ideas from some fellow bloggers.

above is one of those great finds and i attempted to recreate it myself...not the best work but it sure is adorable!

instead of games,which none of us care for, we are going to do a little note jar that will be filled with notes of advise from the attendees.

we recreated this one except we added our own little flare of creativity.

we also loved this banner of the soon to come baby's name.
i will post photos of more of the final outcomes when they are perfected to a T.

untill then...


just in time to appease my earbuds

now, as most of you know if it came down to choosing my all time favorite artist it'd be conor oberst and his amazing band bright eyes. i have been patiently waiting for a new album to come from their creative works and the time has come! im still working on throughly listening to the album before i can give a rounded opinion on how i feel about it. you can read about and stream the whole album here. i feel like they may have jumped the gun when they stated 

"I won't mince words: This is the best record Bright Eyes has ever made. In fact, it's the best record the band's frontman, Conor Oberst, has ever been a part of. Publicists like to say as much any time an artist releases a new album, but in this case, it's actually true. The People's Key is a career-defining work of art.

Diehard fans might find it hard to believe that Bright Eyes could produce anything better than 2005's simultaneously released I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning and Digital Ash in a Digital Urn. But in retrospect, those albums feel less developed than The People's Key. In earlier recordings such as Fevers and Mirrors and Lifted..., Oberst sounds like a wide-eyed kid who's still figuring things out. On the new record, he's older and wiser and more sure of himself. His voice is stronger, the sonic palette is richer and the poetry is more compelling."

all in all im not going to bite the hand that feeds me.


also new to the scene is the cold war kids album

mine is yours

take a listen for yourself!


sum = 2•0•1•1

alright alright, i know its not quite time to be dragging the shorts and sun hats out. but! and a big but! its getting nearer and nearer. i am pleased to say that i will be spending my summer in harbor again. Since i had such a fabulous one last year i thought, why not do it again.

i can only imagine how its going to go. but im sure it will be even better than expected. starting in 2 weeks i will offically know how it feels to live in an airport. 4 days spent in the airport between 3 weeks running around the country is going to have me never wanting to step foot in one again...(just kidding, that would never be the case.) although i may take a break for a little bit. i cant wait to keep this blog updated with where-abouts and such. on the agenda is a trip to jacksonville FL, which i am anticipating. a week spent with shana in the sun, can it get much better? so stay tuned for pix because im sure there will be an flicker overload of them.


lo and behold... its back!
rimmels lasting finish pro in
steel gray

im into this color for a couple of reasons right now:

•its the perfect compliment color to any outfit
•darker shades are getting over played

so go grab a bottle!