It's all part of the experience

After a long,long,long wait to get on a flight it all paid off last night when we were finally cleared...in business first!
How random is it that we ran into the Sedgwick twins from traverse city while waiting in JFK as they were on their way to Guyana?
The flight was great and went by to fast. We rented a car in Dublin and since candy is the oldest she got to experience driving. It took us all some time to get use to not feeling like we were on the wrong side of the road.

We stopped in Wicklow on the way down. Thats where our O'Toole name originates. I thought it was neat to see signs with it on it.
So far I'm in love with this place!
For the next day and a half we will be here in cork touring around and then off to Galway we go.
Tonights agenda: pub crawl.


New York, New York

We spent the morning strolling down the brown stone lined streets in Brooklyn heights. This pix is of our favorite spot to get breakfast.
Shana had never been to the city, so we spent the rest of the day crawling from one "must see" sight to the next.
We also got to meet up with my friend Kelsey. So all in all it was a nice unexpected layover. Hopefully next time I update this I'll be in dublin!


Might have a change of plans

Well sad to say but were still in JFK. Oh the joys of standby! The gate agent messed up the whole flight, so we are stuck here for the night. But hey, at least it adds to the experience right? Sometimes standby is the best, but other times its the worst let down. Tomorrow is our last chance. Or we all could be going back home :(


I'm going to love the Irish. I was just informed through my ireland guidebook that the Dubliner's favorite type of humor is "Slagging." It consist of insulting a friend in a jovial fashion to deflate vanity or hubris. But clearly marks out the victim as well-liked and worthy.
Can't wait to see/use this.

The long journey begins....now


The time has come to start packing!
I have gone from the extreme of over packing to under packing in my recent trips. So let's hope I bring enough. I can't wait to see the style of the Irish. Maybe I can learn a thing or two from them...

What the snow?

Today I woke to find snow in the valley! How crazy. I guess it's official: summer is long gone. Time to get the scarves/hats/leggings out!

Could this be a sign that were going to have a winter filled with fresh pow pow days?
We shall see.


You went to FIDM?

A lil' indie-pop never hurt anyone.

If anyone is wondering, Phantogram puts on a legitimate show. 
They have talent that others wish they had. 
I think the feel of Kilby Court only added to the experiance. 
See ya next time.


You might have heard..

The latest innovation to the Salt Lake City area is The Other Box

The intention behind the ingenious idea is to eliminate the use of cardboard boxes when making a move. See them on facebook as well.


Sara's oh so good "remix" of Bed Intruder

If you know Sara my sister at all you know that she is a great lyricalist. 

The other day we caught her singing what she thought the song said... Anyways I hope you all find this to be as funny as we thought it was.

Bed Intruder REMIX from camille toole on Vimeo.


The arc of time

One good thing that comes from road trippin is taking a stroll down memory lane on the good old iPod. It can get you through even the most horrid states. (sorry Kansas & wyoming)
  As we make our way along the vast I-80, each mile marker we pass we get that much closer to getting back to where we belong.

If anything exciting comes my way I'll keep y'all posted. 


One hour later..

Look out east coast, were still coming for ya.

Disappointment at it's best

This is a shout out to Rita's even though it was closed. Sorry Shana, we'll just have to make a trip to PA so you can get a taste.
40 hour road trip starts now.


Day 7:

Today was the last day we were all together.. unfortunately some of the floridian family had to go home earlier.. but we got to snap some good family photos before that happened.


Day 6:

Visiting the east coast group up the shore. Getting some pure foosball time in.