just a little piece of cuteness to brighten your day

one new addition to my life since the move to n&j's house has been becoming roomies with


(he has a lot of personality)

i have never met a feline that has such spunk and attitude...
and im certin i will never meet another.


one of the many days ive been looking forward to...

spent with the people i love!

once again thanks to jenny's storehouse of knowledge when it comes to sewing i was able to benefit..

i spent my afternoon making these pill/jewelry pouches while watching classic comedies. im quite satisfied with my results!

kimono booties

what do you get when you mix all the talent(s) that our family has to offer?

something amazing like these booties!


pretty neat stop motion video using 987 polaroids


life has gotten pretty exciting here in the "tah". all of our expected family has arrived and we are now feeling the warmth of a stuffed house. none of us will complain though since were going to be seeing the tempter drop into the teens in the days to come.

some things to be excited about right now:

-planning in action for candy & emma's shower..heres some ideas taken from this lovely site

-sewing/knitting with my girls
-cozy winter days spent by the fire talking
-getting prepared for dominican which is coming oh so ever fast
-lattes at the coffee garden
-lakers-jazz game with the boys (go jazz!)
-running, im slowly making my way back up in miles
-juicing is a new favorite which ill be blogging about later.. im becoming obsessed with the yummy concotions we have made recently
-vintage thrift stores/the D.I.
-learning how to use jenny's film camera
-getting ready for the arrival of emma which involves keeping our eyes peeled for must-haves
-(i almost forgot) this coming friday, aka black friday, shopping maddness

just to mention a few....


sneak peak

i was thinking about

one thing to get excited about this winter is the arrival of my niece emma. i have been searching the web tirelessly for unique,hand made items for her closet. along the way of that search i have come across some pretty adorable things, i do have to say.

as for toys, i stumbled across these via bleu bird vintage..


ricoh kr-5 super ii

p.s. the time has come to start editing ireland photos. stay tuned..it might take awhile but it will be worth the wait.

Ive gone too long without mentioning..

worx--by susan merck
I borrowed some pictures from her blog (I hope she doest mind) so you all could see just how great her pieces are. Although these are just a couple of her head pieces, you get the idea. Talent like this deserves exposure.



brought to you by anthro...

how does anthropologie do it every time
their home decor collection has my heart.
 i stumbled across this collage of vintage paint-by-numbers made into something clever
go ahead, get crazy and come up with your own way of personalizing it for .0000001 the price.
obviously im on the hunt now.

as for my life right now...things have been crazy/stressful/exciting getting ready for the family to get here throughout this week...!

xoxo cami


A night in pictures

...please bare with me, I'm using an iPhone...

Listen to this

I am a huge fan of music, as most of you are I'm sure. I love to share and to get hints from others in return.
Currently this is what is getting the most hits on the iPod.

discovery:swing tree
elliott smith:the biggest lie
miike snow:black&blue
elf power:midnight crawls out
beirut:elephant gun
built to spill:hindsight
fools gold:suprise hotel
horse feathers:cur in the weeds
sea wolf:oh maria!
phantogram:running from the cops
miike snow:song for no one
surfer blood:floating vibes
the morning benders:excuses
deerhunter:dont cry
atlas sound:walkabout
ra ra riot:oh,la

have anything to add to this list?
please do share!

top of the mornin' to ya!

One way to document life in lower manhattan is by taking photos of bike riders--from behind. Thats exactly what this photo-blog does: Downtown From Behind. Its of artists who are either professionals or live there locally that have an influence on specific downtown neighborhoods.
I think its pretty neat.


things i love


vintage photos
(especially the way these are displayed)

the smell of fall

this room
(try and recreate?)

the color grey

this paper art

(which is a constant work in progess)


G is for GIRL!

We have been waiting for this day. Im pleased to announce that my sister, Candace and her husband Blaize are having a baby girl! Even though I was sad I couldnt be there when they found out, Im estatic!

 I cant wait to meet you Emma!


Reading material for the next few months..

thanks jen, your the best.

Maybe they meant another silver lake..?

We all wanted to get up in the mountains for one last hike before the snow takes over. Nate had been told to go to Silver Lake for a good trail. Turns out its just a walk about around the lake on a boardwalk. Even though we didnt get to "hike" it was nice to get to breath in some fresh mountain air. We even found a fish ;)

p.s. t-money just showed me this stunning site that takes over my eyes, spending hours sifting through the amazing things it has to display.
Graphic Exchange

..I know a few of you will enjoy this as much as I did/do.


add this to your favorites

Just a little project in the works with the talented Jenny Hambleton/Toole

Ireland+Lush green scarf= something great

..heres a little preview...

oh by the way, she has a fab online etsy store

ess el see

Back home and I am wayyy happy. We cleared all the flights today and even got business elite! That made the 9 hour flight literally fly by. Ireland is definitely on the recommend list for places to travel. Perfect for first timers. Time to hit the pavement with life/service. Once I receive the photos from Blaize and put a little work into them you'll be seeing them up. So stay tuned.




By now we are getting settled into 
the Irish way of life. Chic Cafes by
morning, worn out pubs by night.
Dublin def knew how to show
us a good time. Although the 
area was flooded with tourist we 
were still able to be immersed 
in the typical night scene. 
Tomorrow is the end of great trip. 
time to start planning the next one.



Turns out that we couldnt find any traditional Irish music in Galway. We resorted to The Kings Head which was filled to the max capacity with college students. 


Blarney Castle

The structure that stands today was rebult in 1446 after it was destoryed. But it originally dates back to before AD 1200. The estate is on over 1,000 acres so there are plenty of woodland walks to explore while there. Better photos to come... Of course.


The first thing we did when we got here was headed to get a guinness! It was quite tasty I'd say! We went to a couple of pubs but my favorite one by far was Beirhaus. They had over 40 beers to choose from.
Generally speaking everyone is very nice and helpful here.
Tomorrow we head to Blarney to see the castle! Here's some pix of cork.