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Why didn't we summon m.morado and his talent sooner? 
Words cannot even begin to describe how wowzed I am by what he has captured. 
View the eye candy here.


Sometimes life gets you down...

But then you spend a night outdoors with people you love and it makes it seem a little less bleak.

Photography Gems

Ahhh I stole again! But I couldn't help but share these
 amazing photos!
I promise next time I'll have my own camera...


Sloppy Seconds

Wicker park

Exploring neighborhood near our hotel.. we ended up at this little gem.
michelle and I grilled up some s'mores at this Japanese spot.

mmmm...where can I find a cappuccino that good around here?

Shanas iPhone skills paid off.

On our way to the train. Girls looking stylish in their new finds!

Excited about life at that moment.

Pretty neat breakfast stop on Ontario. 



*a lot of these photos are borrowed..thank for being so generous!


Less than 24 hours

I don't have a lot of time to post before I head out tomorrow to Chicago!
Packing for this little getaway has proven to be difficult due to the crazy weather..
So! I've decided to pack lots of cardigans (my signature),silk shells in bright colors,essential flats and sandals,just in case, and of course a trench to weather the storm. Looks like to stay dry we'll just have to shop more.