Let the hunt for an apartment begin. If anyone has a good site to do so 
please let me know in an email or comment below!
We are thrilled to finally begin this long-awaited hunt. 
The summer is going to fly by and before we know it we'll be packing our bags for spain!


memory lane...

Does anyone else remember the Sharon Lois & Bram's elephant show? If not, maybe this will refresh your memory.

hope everyone is having a good day! 


ive fallen off the blogosphere

lately i have been thinking a lot about how i would make my first post back on the scene. what would i say? so much has changed in my life in the last month both for the bad but also for the good.. it can begin to seem overwhelming to even begin to just scratch the surface. so that being said, i decided that im just going to pick up with the good that is going on right now.
a little over 3 weeks back we had the joyous arrival of our sweet baby Emma Reese Mason. She was born on April 2nd at 1:40 pm. i just cant seem to get enough of her! she is so delicate and beautiful. i never thought i would single out a baby by saying things like "she's the smartest baby i know." i feel so proud to be her auntie! 

when i stop and think about the fact that a year has gone by since i was last in michigan,starting out the summer season,i cant believe how quickly time passes. so much can happen in one year and it makes me wonder how much will change with in this coming year..? last summer was sooo great that its hard to imagine that this would could even come close to being as good. already on the agenda though, are some exciting things to look forward to. not only this summer but this coming fall..which i will make a whole other post about soon. so anyways, im back blog-world!