This is what I miss the most hands down

Adios Tamarindo...

First day in service. This is our lovely Trooper

Juli and Bianca in action

Yummy meal in Liberia

Kingdom Hall that the girls have been going to

Michelle and I eating a lychee

The entrance to our place, its nice with a gate 
which keeps it safe.

Spanish service in Flamenco

It was very touristy there so I got to preach in
English too.

A sister from france whose name i have forgotten, Luz, and Louis. 

Typical scene. It rains mid morning so we take a little break
 and look for cover from the rain.

Our House

This is the only mirror in the house so we have to move it 
around to where the lighting is best :)

First Spanish meeting!

This is Chloe. She's so cute. Only 2 months old!

It has been great spending a few days here. I hear its a step above Nicaragua so it was nice to kind of break myself into it here first and now Im ready to rough it! I have already gotten a lot of practice in the ministry speaking spanish. Its crazy how much you learn just being here. Anyways once I get to Nicaragua its going to be sort of crazy the first couple of weeks because we are traveling around a lot. But once we settle I will update everyone! 

Love cami


Costa Rica

Im here safe and sound! These pictures were taken outside of our place. 
Its gorgeous! Anyways I have to run!


On our way to P....

Pellston..my weekend of city life is over. It was awesome while it lasted. Now I'm headed home just in time to unpack and repack for costa rica! I'll post more pictures of the race and our stay in the windy city.


Chicago Update

Our time spent so far here in CHI town has left our feet aching and our backs sore. We have covered every square inch of this city... Or at least it feels like it. Between shopping and being a spectator of the Marathon we have gotten a lot of milage in. Here are just a few highlights. More to come of course!

xoxo cami


remember this?


Does this call for an annual tradition? I'm thinking yes.