daily makeup

i thought it would be a fun post to show what i use on a regular, if not daily basis to get out the door.

dream matte mouse: maybelline
pressed powder:jane iredale

application sponge:sephora.
you can find it here.
blending fiber brush:mac

for contour and blush i love the bare essentails loose powders in warmth and glee

when it comes to eyes im more on the simple side. a little bit of black eye liner with a toupe shadow is my typical choice. but on special occasions i have all of these great colors to choose from.
eye pallet:elf
eyeliner: maybelline


speaking of cheesy photos

today we ended up having a day off. 
breakfast at the olympian it was!
is the snow ever going to stop??

an evening that called for photos

and we may have crossed the line. but even though its cheesy, i love this picture.

its known that this season calls for a night based around food. and thats exactly what we did. 

we finished the night out by digging through boxes of old photos dating back to the 60's. (thanks mom!) i will get back to that in another post in the near future. 

all in all it was a nice night!


mad world

well, well, well, life has yet again thrown me into a busy spin. work is picking up a little bit (yay), add on catching up on time due to an illness and filling the rest of my time with the crew has got my plate full. at least full to me. which these days it seems to not take much. why does the winter do that to you? im not the type of person who has to drag themself out of bed every morning but as each day passes it gets harder, and harder. or maybe its age setting in..? im not sure. ill get back to you if i ever figure it out.

anyways enough rambling from me. mine, and shana's latest mission in life has been to throw the most posh baby shower for emma and candace. we are raking over site after site in search for ideas. its a lot of fun getting to spoil the ones you love. heres what were going for...

discovered here
 pretty awesome right? 

well thats all i have for today. ive been MIA for awhile and i thought it desrved an explination. 

xoxo cami



last night i had the pleasure to attend a dinner hosted by rhonda. she kindly threw a dinner to treat the pioneers in our congregation. you always know you can expect great food and atmosphere when you are invited to their home. but this time she went over the top. the food,it was out of this world delicious. she started us off with a baby spring greens salad toped with camrmalized walnuts and blue cheese. then, on to the main course which consisted of pork loin drizzled with fig sauce,buttery char-broiled brussle sprouts,garlic mashed-potatoes and perfect asparagus. yum! i can still remember the taste when it first hit my mouth. for dessert, a piece of chocolate cake paired with a scoop of ice cream was served toped with caramel. what a lovely evening! and what better reason to celebrate!


mixed tapes

my friend briten is the most reliable source when it comes to choosing what pleases your ears. she just gifted me 3 new mixes of some must haves on the pod. im slowly making my way through,and loving, these mixes. the first one i popped in the cd player of my car was

winter hut:
impossible:doug martsch
off point:junip
acts of a man:midlake
smokey taboo:cocorosie
concerning the ufo sighting:sufjan stevens
how fair this place:sarah brightman
infinity guitars:sleigh bells
the other side of your face:twin sisters
floating in the forth:frightened rabbit
all around and away we go:twin sisters
dream:doug martsch
treats:sleigh bells
fast blood:frightened rabbit
poke:frightened rabbit
i gave you all:mumford & sons

as i personally give the rest of these jams a listen i will be posting them. until then, enjoy this perfect winter mix... check out her spiffy way of packaging the tunes



i cought the lovely flu.. thanks to my family though, ive been taken care of very well! 
hopefully its not long till im back in action..


ideas are filling my mind






 yesterday we went apartment hunting. i think we found the one. its a renovate hotel located downtown near misc. clothing store. the interior of the place includes: 9 foot ceilings,original hardwoods, a claw-foot tub, and an original kitchen that includes a 1960's sink...just to mention a few of the pros. (i dont know why i didnt snap some pictures.) we met the landlord and she informed us that we could make any improvements we'd like if we were to get it, so of course ideas started running through my mind.
i was looking on apartment therapy for some ideas and its flooded with great idea/photos. these eclectic photos are a display of looks i like. they are all really fresh, yet cozy and inviting. the whole apartment is already white with great wood floors.
the bathroom needs a lot of help! it has linoleum flooring that looks as if they purposely tried to make it look horrid. i really love these vintage,octagon shaped tiles that come in all different colors. i thought for such a small space it would be fun to add some color. as of now this is all just a collection of ideas, i hope that soon we can make it a reality and have a place of our own... ill keep you posted.


new blog on the prowl

you know how i mentioned alyssa earlier? well she had the fabulous idea to start a blog! here it is.


found here

today we are headed downtown in search of some sences that aesthetically are pleasing.
coming along with us is my friend, alyssa, who is a talented make-up artist and just a fun person to have around. shes starting up a portfolio and i am so very excited to help her in the process of that. we will be looking just to have a good time but to also learn/grow from our trial and error. 
pictures to come...

ways to keep warm

last night we all got together in support of the eagles/giants game. which is a big deal around here since we have devoted fans for both teams. at least it gives us,yet again another opportunity to eat good food and sit around and talk. i had to share with everyone one of the things we enjoyed that alissa brought. this is the closest you will get to the real stuff you can get in europe. i highly suggest you try to make it.

swiss hot cocoa

1 cup chocolate  shavings
1/4 cup hot water
1/4 cup sugar
3 cups whole milk
melt chocolate into water (must be hot),and sugar and blend until smooth.add milk and warm to desired temperture.
garnish with fresh cream and left over shavings


Best of spring

I couldn't help but notice how great the fashion horizon is looking for the coming 2011 spring. Everything from stripes to 1960's shapes,feathers,long lengths,neon colors and mens suiting. What a masterful collage of some refreshing looks.

Hurry and get here so we can start shedding some of these winter layers.



this caught my eye on mypreciousconfessions.blogspot.com...

look @ more here



you have to try this

i live by this stuff. it is one of the only line of products that makes my skin feel the way it should. which can be hard to achieve during the cold/dry winters. if you are in need for a change when it comes to your skin care, or you just in need of a change,i highly recommend this stuff.

its amazing!

"The key to ARCONA’s effectiveness is its active ingredients and the way they are combined and processed. Cosmeceutical-grade ingredients, such as enzymes, antioxidants and amino acids, are formulated to work synergistically to deliver powerful results. These active ingredients are cold-processed at very low temperatures, in small batches, to keep them active and effective. Because cold processing is labor and time intensive, most skin care products, even the expensive ones that may begin with quality ingredients, are heatprocessed, which ultimately leaves nutrients lifeless and ineffective. Think of what happens to fresh vegetables when they are overcooked!"-www.arcona.com


i did it, and i thought it would take a lot longer to be honest. thanks everyone for your support and all your views! so far ive loved this online adventure i have taken up and its been a great learning experience as well. i look forward to the time to come and the more ideas/post to be had. thanks again!

xoxo cami


love this

funny face

pretty awesome app. 
thx shan


to start the day-off right, we headed to liberty to get our run in. its been more like spring than winter these past few days. and im not going to complain.

after that we hit up some of my fav stores and i snatched this little gem. 

for dinner were attempting to make butter chicken curry. yum!
it was a well needed day-off. bring on the rest of the week.

the best things in life are...

off the side of the road. okay well not everything. but i did score this sweet little piece not to far back and i love it. its in alright condition, but with a little love it could be perfect! the part of the top where you can see there are obvious indentations is where it lifts and another smaller pop-out desk appears. 
i was quite proud of my find. and thanks to sara for her huge car and blaize for his help we moved it all the way from downtown to our house.                          
i cant wait to see the finished product. but for now it works.


its clear and blue as far as i can see

what a lovely saturday here in SLC. nothing is better than the white moutntain tops against the blue backdrop.. I have been working on posting our ireland pictures but at the moment i am sort of at a stopping point... but a few of you have asked about them so i will go ahead and give you what i have so far.
but first i have to share some of my favorites!
photos by:cami,blaize & shana

the rest are of course on flickr
ill keep you post as to when the rest will be up


im not the first to say it but...

lets all just admit it. utah isnt known for its display of high fashion. but its nice to know that there are stores here that appease those who have a inkling when it comes to the current trends. thats why i choose to go to stores like urban blues...

today i had the pleasure of meeting courtney, the owner of the swanky,yet at discount prices,boutique.
she had a great variety to offer from inexpensive designer jeans (its always the first place i stop when im in dire need of some relable,prefect fitting jeans) to must-have tops. including many impulse buys that i couldnt help but stop to gawk at. i was also obliged to meet her assistant who, from what i understand covers the blogging aspect of the store. check out her personal blog here...its always nice meeting fellow fashionistas.

if your ever in the area of one of their shops..dont hesitate to check it out. you wont be let down.


T.P.C.-in the S.L.C.

once again we stuffed into the perfect scene that kilby entices you with to see tokyo police club.
great show & great crowd.
bravo guys.


something simple made into something brilliant


flower power

courtesy of nastasia dusapin

i have the afternoon to i guess you could say "de-frag" from such a busy week. so i have been stalking the world of blogs and came across these beautiful/inspiring photos. not only do i want to incorporate these styles into my personal wardrobe but along with that i would love to glean whatever i can from her skills with the camera.