Service Group

Cozy bus ride to the Assembly


Girls in service

Lace and me getting ready with our tiny mirrors!

This was part of the service group one saturday that we went out into the campo to preach.
 It was an hour + ride. They are troopers sitting in the back!

This was on our bus ride home from Granada.
This guy got super comfortable with me.

Us with a few girls from the Congregation.

Just crossing a river!

Soccer on the beach.

The alley we live in.

Isam! This little boy has stolen all of our hearts!
Such a cutie!
I have been so horrible at keeping this blog up to date while being here in Nicaragua. Partly because there is little time to do so and also that we are using dial-up speed internet. Anyways I can't believe it but I have been here for 2 whole months! In this post I'm going to just give a sample of some photos from the past months but from here on out I'm going to try to keep this as up to date as possible. Maybe weekly? Anyways I'm happy to say that we are having an AMAZING time down here and we really do love it! Days go by slow here yet weeks and months fly by. We have really settled into the town and have our own little routine. This month has been particularly cooler and this past week has been sort of grey. But all in all we have been having great experiences here. Its great to come and get lost in another culture. I will do my best to keep this updated! I hope you enjoy the pictures!

until next time...

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